Monsterpalooza 2016 photos - Day 2 - Saturday April 23rd by Kermaco

Photos I took at Day 2 of Monsterpalooza, Saturday,  April 23rd. Amazing works by the best sculptors and makeup artists !!!

Photonic Playground presents the Art of Ara Kermanikian by Kermaco


I am happy to announce my first solo Exhibition at Photonic Playground. If you didn't get a chance to see the exhibit in person, you can see installations shots of the work, and see what is available for purchase at Photonic Playground ships world wide.

Here is a link to Photonic Playground's web site:


Nuthin' but Mech 3 by Kermaco

I had the honor of contributing two images to the latest Nuthin’ But Mech 3 book by Design Studio Press. Model started in Maya, then continued in ZBrush and rendered in KeyShot. Stay tuned for more images and renders which didn’t make it into the book. This edition of Nuthin' but Mech is dedicated to the memory of contributing artist Francis Tsai, a remarkable talent and inspiring figure, his work created using eye-tracking software is also featured in the book.

Gargoyle Mech from "Nuthin' but Mech 3" Marmoset Viewer by Kermaco


Currently this does not work after I migrated my website to squarespace from wordpress. I will repost it after squarespace gets a plugin for it.

This is a 3D Marmoset viewer version of my Gargoyle mech featured in the Nuthin' but Mech 3. Click here to order the book from Amazon. Make sure to go to full screen mode by clicking the marmoset viewer full screen icon.

[marmoset id="/" autoStart="1"]

Enjoy :)

3rd place @ ZBrush Summit 2015 hard surface sculpt off by Kermaco


My digital model C3cil won 3rd place at the ZBrush Summit 2015 Sculpt off .

It was a true pleasure to be chosen among some of my favorite ZBrush artists for the hard surface groups and congratulations to my good friend Furio for getting1st place. Here is a link to the list of the artists and some of their work: Pixologic ZBrush Summit 2015 page

The Sculpt off was 3 hours, and was live streamed, here is a link to the recording : Livestream Pixologic sculpt off greoup 2 video