KERMACO work from 2016 ZBrush Summit Sculpt-Off

It was super fun to participate in the ZBrush Summit Sculpt-Off again this year. The pressure of having to come up with a finished sculpt in 3 hours is an incredible challenge and for me, a thrill because nothing compares to sitting with 11 artists who inspire you, and being part of a sculpt jam that produces beautiful results all around when the 3 hour buzzer rings.

The workflow I used for this was mostly the ZModeler brush, Insert Mesh brushes using various IMM kits including my own, and of course, Vitaly Bulgurov's excellent ULTRABORG SubD kitbash kit : ULTRABORG

You can see the final image in the Sculpt Off results page : Sculpt Off Results

Here are some post summit renders. Since my workflow is mostly not Photoshop-centric, and more ZBrush modeling/sculpting/kitbashing and KeyShot heavy. Having more render time makes a big difference !!!